WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Lemon Glaze by Air Factory Treat 100ml

Air Factory

Lemon Glaze by AIR FACTORY E liquid 100 ML vape juice is a tart lemon glazed pastry that provides you with that sweet flavor and the perfect amount of tart lemon. If you crave buttery and sweet pastries, Air Factory Lemon Glaze vape juice is going to make your taste buds go to nirvana.

Inhaling Air Factory Lemon Glaze will wake up your mouth with that fresh lemon flavor. The incredibly rich and buttery pastry then takes over, providing you with the perfect dessert flavor. For a lemon treat flavor that you will never forget, Air Factory Lemon Glaze is the vape juice for you. Take your taste buds on an amazing flavor experience with this out-of-the-world vape juice. 

Air Factory E-Liquid is a vape juice brand that will provide you with a wide variety of vape juice flavors that will have you on your toes all day long. The flavor of these vape juices is so out of this world that you won't want to stop vaping them. Air Factory E-Liquids create vape juices for their customers to vape on all day long. 

The Lemon tart flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth like nothing else ever has, Lemon Glaze e-liquid by Air Factory will become your new favorite vape juice.

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