WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bolt CBD Lotion Healing Herb 150mg - 120ml


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The Healing Herb CBD Lotion by Bolt CBD Products is quite unique, as Bolt has been offering a vast range of CBD products for quite a while.

From edibles to topical creams, this company has it all.

The Bolt CBD herb healing lotion is one of its many products to heal you from various ailments.

The product contains age-old, tried, and tested herbal ingredients along with some modern additions to heal your body safely.

Bolt steers clear from using additives or other harmful elements, making sure that its products do not cause adverse effects down the line.

The company only uses locally sourced CBD oil from the best organic growers in California, this ensures you will get a high-quality CBD product and take advantage of its MANY benefits

The extraction process is comprehensive and makes sure that the lotion contains the right quantity of cannabidiol and other herbs to offer you complete therapeutic and restorative effects.

Before blending the lotion's ingredients, Bolt relies on an experienced third-party lab to test all of them and make sure that they are safe and offer excellent potency.


Who Should Use The CBD Healing Lotion?

Bolt's CBD lotion can help you with a variety of conditions, like pain management, sleeping aid and skin regeneration.

You will especially benefit from this product if you are a physically active person.

Apply the cream on areas where you experience stiffness or muscular tension.

The quick-acting formula of this cream will absorb in your skin, allowing you to heal in a short period.


How To Use The CBD Healing Lotion?

Applying this product is quite simple as all you will need to do is take a small dab of it on your fingers and run it across the affected area.

Rub the cream in a circular motion.

Do not press your fingers against your skin firmly as it could aggravate the pain.

Instead, massage it gently.

Your skin will absorb this fast-acting lotion quickly, making sure that you get relief fast.

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