WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Air Factory CBD Tincture - Melon Lush - 30ml

Air Factory CBD

If you're searching for an extremely tasty method to get your required amount of CBD into your body, then the Air factory's Melon lush CBD is exactly what you need.

Because the Air factory has helped us to show that Melon is a very great match with hemp.

The Great Company's melon lush is made up of two of our best fruits, and classic plant components found in hemp, and all these features are without any trace of THC.

You get to enjoy a perfect extract of broad-spectrum CBD while you quench your thirst and your taste buds get tempted by the incredible taffy and fruity greatness.

Then your palate would be left with nothing but joy.

Melon Lush CBD Tincture Flavor

A very smooth taste which is similar to that of honeydew eases its way in and the sleekness of it makes you feel like you are engaging in a very luxurious act.

A fresh rush of watermelon taste adds great delight to you; the amount of sweetness can even change your mood for the better.

Finally, the great taste of sugar then awakens the five senses in your body which has a very outrageous feel.

The Air factory's melon lush tincture comes in a 30ml bottle and is readily available in different strengths. All you need is a couple of drops to feel the luxury of this CBD tincture.

The usual dosage is usually 1-2 drops per day, or you can take as much as you need.

Its primary flavors are Taffy, Watermelon, and honeydew.

It comes in a 30ml bottle, and it doesn't contain any trace of THC, it is made in the USA and it can be used on any vape device that you want to use it on, you are essentially required to store in a cool dry place and out of the reach of direct light rays.

The product is strictly not for use by persons under 18.

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