WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Air Factory CBD Tincture - Blue Razz - 30ml

Air Factory CBD

Blue Razz CBD Tincture by Air Factory is the king of CBD tinctures due to its incredible flavor, usefulness and CBD health benefits, thanks to Air factory, you can get more out of the tincture due to the CBD extraction methods.

The blue razz gives you that sour but sweet taste, and it also has a fruity taste.

You are made to enjoy all these while the body receives that THC free broad-spectrum hemp with so many rich and unique compounds.

Initially, you'll begin to salivate from the tartness of the blue raspberry cbd .

The taste and sensation would bring back a lot of memories.

Then the brightness of the berry would begin to become intense, and then the taste of sweetness comes in lastly and dominates your taste buds.

Blue Razz CBD Tincture

The first dosage gives up a detectable taste of sourness from the taffy flavor as your palate is taken over by it, and your taste buds start jumping for joy.

You'll feel the sharp berry taste when it kicks in, it then refreshes you.

On the exhalation, you'll feel a sugary sensation which feels really great.

This also comes in a 30ml bottle and is available in two strengths, it's compatible with most of the vaping devices available, and you're to employ the use of droppers here for the exact dosage. You're expected to take it 1-2 times daily or as often as you need to take it.

It doesn't contain THC, and it is made in the USA.

You are to store this item in a cool but dry place, and you are expected to keep it away from light, moist or heat.

The delicious taste of blue raspberries blended with broad-spectrum CBD.

Available in 500MG, 1000MG.


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