WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



With that dreamy flavor that you definitely remember from those days waiting in line at the ice cream shop. There is just something about the flavor that is held within this blend that is going to have you fondly reminiscing about your younger years and wishing that you would have found it much earlier from the pure nostalgia factor alone. When you get to the way that this juice tastes, it's a no brainer though, you absolutely have to try this juice! Anyone who loves that great balance of fresh and decadence that ensures all needs are met will find that this option can really do it all. So refreshing and satisfying in every way, there is no way that you can pull your attention away from what this blend is able to do. Your interest is going to be kept up from the moment that you fill up your tank to when you are reaching the very last few drops. This quality is one that will keep you coming back consistently to be able to get a little bit of that delicious, irresistible flavor that you have come to love in an instant. Solace Black Salt E Liquid by

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