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Jam Monster Review

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On this publication, go over an in-depth review of  Jam Monster vape juice is a top-rated company in the vaping world. They make use of high-quality ingredients. All of their smoking cessation products and ejuices are carefully crafted. 

Jam Monster ejuice flavor profile is based on warm butter, tasty toast, and yummy fruits.


Flavors we will cover on this article:

They might appear simple but they pack a serious punch.

Each ejuice captures the true essence of the fruits and other high-quality ingredients they utilize, which can be tasted consistently on every single draw.

All of the eliquids have gone through the long process of market research, and only the most perfect flavor profile is launched to the market.

Jam Monster Labs makes use of unique packaging. Every flavor has been allotted a specific color, i.e., Strawberry is red, Apple is green, and P&B is purple, etc.

You will notice that a splash of jam and dark animated creatures is painted on the packaging.

This gives it a spooky and amusing look, especially in the case of raspberry flavor. It is quite pleasing to the eye. 

All the necessary details, such as the ratios of the ingredients, warning labels, and anti minor vaping initiatives. 

It also points out how serious Jam Monster is regarding their regulations and responsibilities.

Most of Monster Lab's use of 25 PG and 75 VG ratio.

Jam Moster flavor produces thick clouds during vaping, which makes it an ideal option for cloud chasers.

The Jam Monster eliquids are available on a wide range of nicotine mg. You can choose according to your preference.

After reading all of this, the ejuices from Jam Monster might sound appealing.

However, the question is, do they live up to their reputation?

To answer this question, I will examine different Jam Monster Ejuice flavors.

So, without further ado, let's dive right into the Jam Monster vape juice review.


Raspberry Jam Monster Ejuice Review

Raspberry Jam Monster Ejuice

Rating 4.9/5

Over the years, Jam Monster Labs has created many delicious fruity ejuices, and the Raspberry flavor is their latest product.

It is a mixture of Raspberry, Butter, and Toast.

When you draw, you will experience the sensation of biting into the freshly picked ripe berries.

After which your mouth will be flooded with the juicy, sweet, and rich raspberries taste.

Gradually the warm creamy butter and crunchy toast flavors will kick in, leaving a delicious after taste behind.

They complement the main flavor profile very well. The Raspberry vape juice also has a sweet scent, that will transport you to fruity heaven.

This eliquid has very accurately captured the natural flavor of raspberry jam.

Grab a cup of tea, and you will have a complete breakfast.

If you are looking for something sweet and straightforward, then give this juice a try it will satisfy all your needs.


Raspberry Jam Monster Ejuice Conclusion 

This Raspberry flavor vape juice is an excellent all day vape option, especially for breakfast, sweet and fruit ejuice lovers.

One draw, and it will instantly wake you up. Due to which the users are unable to experience the taste of butter/ toast as they did in other Jam Monster Eliquids.

It would have been better if a proper balance could have been created between them.

I strongly recommend that you at least give it a try, if you like fruity flavors, Raspberry, by Jam Monster might end up becoming your new favorite ejuice flavor.



Grape Jam Monster Vape Juice Review

Grape Jam Monster Vape Juice

Rating 4.8/5

Finding a good grape ejuice in the market is a tough task, fortunately, Jam Monster provides a really close grape experience.

The Grape Jam Monster ejuice is a good choice for grape and fruity lovers. Upon the first draw, the sweet and tart taste of grapes will enter your mouth.

After exhalation, you will encounter a rich toast and butter combo attack.

It will shock your taste buds. Monster Labs ejuice has successfully recreated the taste of grape juice.

Sit back, relax, and savor the taste of grape jam. Furthermore, if you are craving something easy and different, then this Jam Monster eliquid will fulfill all your needs.


PB & Jam Grape Monster Ejuice Conclusion

Depending on one's preference, the Grape flavor ejuice can be a good or bad option.

The reason behind this is that this ejuice has received mixed reviews from the vaper all over the word.

Some people love it to death, whereas others complain that the taste of grape is lacking expecting a more rich grape flavor. Similarly, some vaper found the sickly-sweet taste of grapes delicious.

They also pointed out that the aftertaste of this vape juice very tasty.

The Grape Jam Monster ejuice is suitable for all-day-vape if you like fruity flavors if you don't... stay away!

The flavor of butter and toast is very strong in this eliquid. As a result of this, the ingredients mix very well with each other.

I would still say that you should give this product a try if you like fruity vape juices.

You never know it might end up suiting your taste and will become a new flavor to your rotation.


Apple Jam Monster Vape Juice Review

Apple Jam Monster Vape Juice

Rating 4.9/5

Like other Jam Monster eliquids, the butter and toast ingredients remain the same. The only difference is that Apples are used in this vape juice flavor.

When you draw, the sweet and savory taste of apples will flood your mouth.

In comparison to other jam eliquids, the butter and toast flavors can be easily detected in this juice.

One whiff and you will be instantly reminded about the autumn season.

It has a pleasant scent, which further enhances your vaping experience.

However, the taste of apples in this ejuice is not similar to natural apples. Instead, it is quite identical to the apple flavor candy.

In the Apple Jam Monster ejuice, the toast and butter flavors have a solid presence.

The rich, creamy taste of butter and crispy toast can be felt until the end.


Apple Jam Monster Ejuice Conclusion

This Apple jam monster eliquid is a pretty good choice, especially for those who enjoy sweet ejuices.

The butter and toast match well with the main ingredient.

They also enhance the apple flavor. Some people love this flavor to the extreme, while others would much rather a natural apple-like taste.

This might be true; however, from my point of view, Monster Labs decided to go with apple candy flavor by popular demand.

For those of you who can't handle sweet things, this is not a good flavor for you. You might be more interested in some classic flavors.

However, if you are someone who can't get enough of fruity vape juices, then I recommend that you give this one a try.

You won't get tired of it, and it will satisfy your sweet tooth anywhere/anytime while satisfies your nicotine craving.


Strawberry Jam Monster Vape Juice Review

 Strawberry Jam Monster Vape Juice

Rating 5/5

As its name suggests, this ejuice is made up of Strawberry, Toast, and Butter. It is one of Jam Monster’s top products.

This eliquid makes use of an appropriate amount of sweetness, which is perfect for jam and brings out the full flavor of Strawberry.

Thus, you can enjoy your favorite fruit even in the off-season. It also has a buttery taste that tantalizes your taste buds.

In this ejuice, the Toast flavor might be subtle, but it still makes its presence known.

All of the ingredients complement each other, and the PB & Jam Strawberry vape juice does its best to bring out their unique characteristics.

It precisely depicts the taste of Strawberry Jam. If you are looking for something delicious, then give this Monster Jam eliquid a try.

It also matches well with tropical cocktails.

Strawberry Jam Monster is also available on Nic Salt.


Strawberry Jam Monster Ejuice Conclusion

Strawberry Jam Monster eliquid is an excellent choice for vapers. It is delicious, sweet, and has a comfortable flavor that goes down the throat smoothly.

Due to this, the Strawberry eliquid is an excellent choice for all-day Vaping.

Even after finishing the whole 100ml bottle, you will still be left wanting more.

For those of you who don't like sweet juices, I would recommend that you skip this one.

The reason behind this is that it has a sugary taste, which is not suitable for everyone.

Another issue with this e-juice is that it damages coils and pieces of cotton. As a result of this, the users have to replace them repeatedly.

However, if you can deal with the problems mentioned above, then do give Strawberry Jam Monster ejuice a try.

You might end up falling in love with it.


Blackberry Jam Monster Vape Juice Review

Blackberry Jam Monster Vape Juice

Rating 4.8/5

This is Jam Monster's limited-edition product. It is a combination of Blackberry, Toast, and Butter.

Initially, the company released this ejuice to test the waters.

The reason behind this was blackberry's natural tartness and soil-like taste, which is not very popular among people.

However, once the Blackberry ejuice was released, it garnered a lot of attention and received positive feedback.

This eliquid has perfectly captured the appropriate amount of blackberry's tartness and sweetness. It features a pleasant throat hit.

Like all the other monster eliquids, hints of toast and butter flavors appear here/there. All of the ingredients complement and support each other very well.


Blackberry Jam Monster Ejuice Conclusion

This is an excellent vape juice flavor. The rich taste of blackberry combined with butter and toast provides a fantastic experience.

It is also a good all-day vape option.  As you vape, the flavor of this ejuice becomes more intense.

Upon exhalation, the taste of blackberry lingers on the user's tongue for a long time. You can enjoy it to your heart's content.

However, some reviewers have complained about this e-juice being a little too sweet.

Others have stated that it tasted like burnt toast and had a perfume-like taste.

Some people found the blackberry flavor lacking and could not detect it all in the ejuice.

Another reviewer pointed out that butter overshadowed the taste of blackberry.

However, to find out if the Blackberry Jam Ejuice is the right fit for you or not. You are going to have to taste it. 

So, fellow blackberry lovers and adventure seekers give this ejuice a try. It might just give you a pleasant surprise. 


PB Jam Monster Vape Juice Review

PB Jam Monster Vape Juice

Rating 4.5/5

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich is a favorite treat of all Americans. Luckily the Jam Monster has now converted this classic snack into a vape juice flavor.

With the 2 Flavor variation: Grape PB & Jam Monster & Strawberry PB & Jam Monster that are a delightful duo.

When you first draw, you will first experience the taste of salty/nutty peanut butter.

After that, the sweet taste of grape jam and the delicious toast flavor will appear.

All of these components work well with each other.

The peanut butter aftertaste intensifies the flavor of grape jam. It will set your taste buds on fire.

One whiff of this P&B jam ejuice and you will be transported back to your carefree childhood days.

It will give you a nostalgic feeling and will result in you taking a trip down memory lane.

However, this eliquid is a limited-edition product. It means that this juice has a limited stock, and it appears on the market for a short time.

So, if you are interested in giving this Jam Monster Eliquid a try, then I recommend that you quickly place your order.

Otherwise, you will end up losing your chance.

P&B Jam Monster Ejuice Conclusion

This is an excellent option for vapers. Not many companies have succeeded in recreating the taste of the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

However, Jam Monster has created an almost perfect version. All of the three ingredients listed in this ejuice do their job very well.

Even after emptying the whole 100ml bottle, you won't be able to stop yourself from buying more. It is an excellent all-day vape.

However, in this ejuice, the taste of Peanut Butter is very subtle. It would have been better if PB’s flavor was more intense.

This would have created a perfect sandwich taste.


Mixed Berry Jam Monster Vape Juice Review

Mixed Berry Jam Monster Vape Juice

Rating 4.7/5

This is perfect for those who are unable to decide between different Jam Monster berry-flavored juices.

Upon the first draw, you will experience the sweetness of juicy strawberries.

After that, the tangy flavor of blackberry and subtle taste of blueberry will appear.

They merge very well and will result in the formation of a unique fruity jam.

Towards the end, butter and toast flavors will emerge.

This will result in you experiencing a heavenly taste.

This is a delicious flavor, especially for those who enjoy fruity flavored eliquids. All of the ingredients used in this product are of high quality.

This monster ejuice highlights each berry's unique attributes and ensures that they don't overshadow each other.

Due to which you can taste different flavors at the same time.

The mixed berry jam has an appropriate amount of sweetness, which makes it irresistible.

Give it a whiff, and you won't be able to stop yourself from using it again and again.

Although this ejuice is made of various ingredients, it has a smooth texture and does not inconvenience the user's throat.

Mixed Berry Jam Moster is also available on nic salts.


Mixed Berry Jam Monster Ejuice Conclusion

It is a good option for all-day-vape use. However, this monster eliquid is coil-friendly.

After 7 days, some vapers experience the same rich flavor that they got since day 1.

Great after taste in comparison to must berries eliquids on the market that will leave an oddly sour after taste but not Mixed Berry by Jam Monster.

We strongly recommend you to give it a try, it might end up becoming your new favorite. 


Blueberry Jam Monster Vape Juice Review

Blueberry Jam Monster Vape Juice

Rating 4.6/5

In this Jam Monster vape juice, Blueberry takes center stage while the Toast and Butter flavors act as secondary characters.

Upon the first draw, you will experience the sweet and sour taste of freshly picked blueberries.

Towards the end, the butter and toast flavors come out to play. This monster eliquid has very successfully captured the texture and taste of blueberry jam.

It quickly goes down the throat and provides a very relaxing experience. Take a whiff whenever/ wherever you want, and it will transport you to the blueberry heaven.

However, in comparison to other Jam Monster flavors, this one is a bit lacking.

The reason behind this is the company’s inability to bring out the full potential of blueberries. It will be discussed in detail below.


Blueberry Jam Monster Vape Juice Conclusion

Blueberry Jam Monster Eliquid is an excellent choice for vape lovers. However, in this juice, the taste of blueberry is very subtle.

As a result of it, users are unable to experience the berry’s unique characteristics. However, in this eliquid, the taste of butter and toast is very strong.

Due to which some users have complained about the greasy flavor.

It would have been better if the taste of blueberries was more intense, and the toast/butter flavors were lighter.

Despite this, the buttery toast flavoring is quite enjoyable, and the hints of blueberry provide a pleasant experience.

This is also an excellent all-day vape option. So, if you enjoy light flavors, then do give this ejuice a try.

You never know it might just end up becoming a part of your top vape juices list.


Why You Should Buy Jam Monster Vape Juice?

Jam Monster ejuice has an excellent reputation on the market.

The Strawberry ejuice is their top seller dominating the market due to their rich flavors and satisfying after taste.

However, the other flavors are not lagging much behind.

They might appear plain; but, all of these eliquids have unique qualities that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

These products bring out the full taste of all ingredients and make you feel like you are enjoying a tasty sandwich.

In the quality and vapor production, these monster eliquids are far superior to other vape juice companies out there.

Enjoy it best with a FALCON SUB-OHM TANK.

If you are looking for some interesting flavors, then do give Jam Monster ejuices a try.

You will love them. Jam Monster flavors are quite delicious, and on we have the lower prices, buy yours here at a discounted price.

Just select your favorite flavor, add in the nicotine level, and you are all set. Enjoy your new favorite ejuice. 

Jam Monster recommends maximizing its flavor profile to replace your cotton/coils as recommended by the manufacturer.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Place Your Order Now.

I hope after reading my Jam Monster Ejuice review, you gained helpful insight into the vaping world. 

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