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Glas Basix Review

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With a name like Glas Basix, you probably think that all they do is vape mods, but they actually offer ejuice flavors that are perfect for those looking for a great everyday vape juice.

While they are known for good mods, the Glas Basix ejuice takes it to the next level with some fun vape juice flavors.

Glas Basix Flavors

The popular Glas Basix ejuice  is a line of different flavors that come in boxes that are colorful.

Each of them is a distinct color with a flavor inside, and they also list ingredients and the strength.

Most of these come with a 70/30 PG/VG mix, so it can be perfect for those who are beginning to vape, and also want the different clouds.

So if you’re a cloud chaser, these are perfect.

The Basix line is described by them as “everyday essentials” and you can get them with nicotine salt, but also without it.

Cool Melon Glas Basix Flavor


Do you like melons with a hint of coolness?

Then you’ll love this one.

It is the perfect mixture of fruity and mint, and when you inhale, you’ll enjoy the taste of a lovely mint, and of course a hint of fruity melon, including honeydew and watermelon.

Sugar Cookie Glas Basix Flavor

 Who doesn’t love the taste of a sweet sugar cookie?

If you’re looking for an essential dessert vape, this is definitely one of the best ones out there.

You will taste the buttery cookie dough that’s infused with it, with a glaze of golden brown caramel and sugar, and it does have a nutmeg and cinnamon dash added to it on top.

Just reading this will probably make you go “yum” and that’s exactly what it is.

Blueberry Cake Glas Basix Flavor

What about blueberries? Who doesn't love those?

Well, if you’re a fan of a rich vanilla cake flavor with buttercream frosting, topped with blueberries, and then drizzled with sugar glaze, then this is the perfect vape flavor for you.

If you’re looking to watch your diet, but also just really like blueberries, then you’re in luck.


Strawberry Glas Basix Flavor

Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of strawberries?

Well, this flavor is perfect for those who love a fun gummy bear flavor with a sweet and sour twist to it. 

This is similar to those gummy bears you’d get at the candy shop.

Maybe you still do, but if you love that flavor, you can have that sweet and sour flavor of gummy bears that’s a knockout flavor and wonderful for you.

Your taste buds will dance with tangy delight that only this delivers. It’s a fun, premium flavor that really works.

Fizzy Lemonade Glas Basix Flavor

This is an interesting flavor.  It is listed on the profile as “icy cold fruit” but instead, it actually does taste like lemonade. 

Who doesn't love an ice-cold glass of lemonade when it’s hot out?

Or in general? A lot of us enjoy lemonade, and sometimes, some of these vape juices are good, but can’t nail the “lemonade” flavor very well.

Butterscotch Reserve Glas Basix Flavor


Who doesn’t like the taste of butterscotch and caramel?

This is a great flavor, but it is a tobacco flavor, so a bit different from those on the list. 

This one does incorporate RY4 tobacco to give it a distinct tobacco flavor, but also the dessert tastes of honey, caramel, and also vanilla which is light and taste.

Banana Cream Pie Glas Basix Flavor

This is another fun dessert flavor that is both a dessert fruit flavor, but it’s packed with a lot.

It is a custard juice, and it comes with a caramelized banana taste, a pie crust hint to it, and vanilla custard.

If you’re a fan of banana cream pie then this is the perfect flavor for you.

Mango Tango Glas Basix Flavor

Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of mangos?

Well, the Glas Basix does include this one.

It does have a fun, tropical flavor that fits right in your vape juice.

It has mango with a touch of pineapple, and of course black currant that does make it all work together.

If you’re a fan of rich island flavors, it’s definitely the perfect one that you will enjoy.

Caribbean Punch Glas Basix Flavor

Finally, we have another flavor that will make you feel like you have the vibe of a tropical paradise in your vape.

It’s a mixture of peach, pineapples, apples, strawberries, and even apricots.

It’s definitely a blissful, tropical flavor that you will love. 

This one definitely has a unique flavor, and it definitely comes together perfectly in this equid, and this is probably one of the stars of the show when it comes to flavors.

Glas Basix Delicious Flavors

They’re called the Basix because these are all simple flavors that come together to give you a variety of different flavor profiles.

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