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The Best CBD Vape Juice

CBD CBD E-Juice Steals

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Many people wonder if CBD vape juice is worth using. One of the benefits of CBD vape juice is of course how easy it can be to use.

When you use a vape, you immediately inhale the CBD directly into your body, so it attaches the cannabinoid receptors quickly.

That means, it can help you get the effects of CBD much faster than other products.

Many reports that a little goes a long way and a couple of hits deliver the impact one looks for.

CBD oil offers the benefits of relaxation, mental clarity, can help with epilepsy, can help with pain and inflammation, and also curb inflammation which can also prevent heart disease and even diabetes in people.

CBD oil can be used in other forms, but many enjoy CBD vape pens and the juice that comes with it.

But, what’s the best CBD vape juice on the market? What’s the best CBD vape juice for the money? We’ll answer this question in this article by going into detail on the five best CBD vape juice companies that are out there.


CBD Vape Juice Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of their CBD eliquid, and some of the drawbacks, and by the end of this article, we’ll offer a definitive answer on which CBD vape juice will help you the most, and which ones will offer the benefits that you’re looking for and one that isn’t too expensive for you either.

You want to choose one that works for you, and depending on what you like and what type of vaping device you want, there are many options.


Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice

Hemp Bombs CBD ejuice

Hemp bombs is a company that offers a wide variety of hemp products. One of their top products is vape juice, and they offer it in varying strengths, from 75 mg all the way up to 2000 mg in terms of concentration.

Their vape juice is formulated to provide a safe and great experience.

They do lab testing on all of their CBD ejuice, and they offer a lot of different options for this.

You can get their CBD products in one singular flavor, or even a variety pack if you’re someone who likes to have varying experience.

Their products don’t contain any amounts of THC, so you’ll get a safe and effective experience when using their vapes.

Their e liquids usually provide a 70/30 experience in terms of flavor, offering a smoother touch to their vape juices and less of a throat hit.

Their products are made with the highest-quality product possible, and all of their hemp products are made to give you a great experience.

They also offer some of the best variety of the products that we have on the list, and with a concentration of CBD that’s simple to use and effective to try, it’s no wonder people like this one.

They’re a company that’s been around since 2016, and they were one of the original companies in the hemp/CBD game, so they know what they’re doing.

They want to give you a quality experience, and they offer some top-quality products that you can enjoy.


Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice Flavors 

There are about 15 different flavors.

They added the southern peach and electric blue raspberry flavor, but they offer everything from simple dessert flavors such as vanilla cupcake swirl to a favorite flavor called exotic watermelon kush.

Their other popular flavors also include sweet mango, and whipped marshmallow dream, offering a variety of different experiences for the person who is vaping.


Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice Conclusion

 This company is one of the original, and top manufacturers of CBD ejuice.

Many praise this company because of the flavors that they offer.

All of their vape juices are smooth, and they aren't too overpowering or too much for the average user, and they offer concentrations that are good for those who are just starting out and veterans who love CBD and need something stronger.

They offer both singular containers, and mixed variety packs.

The mixed variety packs are wonderful because they let the person try out a variety of different flavors before they choose one, offering a variable experience for everyone.

This company has so many different flavors.

15 of them in fact and most of them are great for anyone.

Most people like the exotic watermelon kush flavor the most, but you really can’t go wrong with any flavor on this, since they are premium vape liquid products that you’ll love to use.

They contain a high-quality CBD isolate too, so you’re getting the best in vaping experiences.

Overall, most customers are satisfied with the results that they get from Hemp Bombs CBD, and it’s no wonder they’re considered some of the best on the market currently.

With a lot of different options and a whole lot of potential, it’s no wonder that people will continue to seek them out, and use them when looking for top-shelf vape products for a great price.


Koi CBD Vape Juice 

cbd ejuice

Koi CBD vape juice offers a premium vape experience. All of their CBD is organic and extracted from the hemp plants.

They do third party lab testing, and they can provide that information to you as needed.

Their products are made with high-quality hemp flowers directly extracted from the cannabis plant, infused with some great flavors that help to provide an enhanced experience.

They are always working to create a standard with their vape products, and strive to provide the best and most worthwhile experience with Koi CBD vape juice.

They offer a variety of vape products on their site, including devices, juice, and also one-time use vapes for any type of user.

These products come in a variety of different options.

You can get the traditional CBD vape juice from this, or you can get them in the form of disposable pods, where once you finish it, you toss it.

You can also get these in the form of refillable pods, so if you have a vape device, you can refill it and use it again, a great way to mix flavors as well.

Koi CBD also offers a wide variety of different flavors, meaning that you’re going to get a whole bunch of different options, and you’ll definitely want to try these as well.

A lot of people really like that because you can get a variety pack, or different levels of concentration in some cases, offering a really immersive, and fun experience.

They also offer vaping systems as well including rechargeable USB one specifically for their liquid.

To say that they offer a simple, yet effective vaping experience is understating it.

They offer a prime and simple vaping experience that’s perfect for everyone, and they also offer some of the best flavors out there.


Koi CBD Vape Juice Flavors

They offer a variety of flavors including tropical popsicle, Pink lemonade, Strawberry milkshake, Blue dragon fruit, Watermelon apple sour, Caramel custard, Hawaiian Haze, and flavorless Koi CBD White.

All of these offer a premier experience, and you can get these in various packages too.


Koi CBD Vape Juice Conclusion

Koi Naturals is one of the leading CBD companies out there since they offer a hemp experience unlike any other.

To start, they have a lot of variety on their site.

They offer pre-rolled options, vape juice options, and others, all in a variety of different flavors.

The flavor options are immense, and you won't’ get enough of these either.

Another great perk to this is strength.

You can get a lower dosage to start with, but you can go all the way up to 1000 mg CBD within the container, offering you the CBD experience that you want.

They also sell devices for their vape liquid on their site to make it an easy experience for anyone looking to get CBD vape juice.

Their vape juices are reported to taste great, aren’t too potent in terms of strength, nor are they overpowering.

There isn’t a report of throat hits either when vaping with their devices as well.

The price on this tends to be cheaper than some of the other CBD ejuice options on the market, and you can even get little disposable pods if you’re unsure of a vape flavor but want to try it out.

Simply put, it’s a very simple experience, and it offers a lot of different options for those looking to try full-spectrum CBD oil.

You can get pre-filled pods, or vape eliquid, letting you choose the experience you want to have, and how you want to vape your ejuice.

Freedom allows for an enhanced vape experience and one you’ll enjoy too.


Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice

cbd ejuice

Naked 100 is known for its totally natural, 100% organic CBD oil.

Their CBD vape juice comes from organic hemp plants in California, and all of their products are lab tested.

They’re made with the finest industrial hemp on the market and have a variety of different products that customers can love.

A lot of people like Naked 100 because they’re forthright on what’s in their products.

There are no additives and other chemicals added to their products, and that includes their vape juices.

You simply put the juice in, close the container, and inhale. You’ll love the flavors that they have to offer, and the vape juice they provide.

They only use the highest-quality ingredients in their vape juice, and only the most natural options for people as well.

They take pride in being naked with their information, offering not just the ingredients, but the lab results for all their CBD products as well.

They come in 30 mg bottles of CBD isolate, and you simply pour it into your oil vapes, and then inhale and reap the benefits.

Their CBD oil can be used with any tank or atomizer, and they don’t contain any nicotine or THC in it, so you’re just getting the CBD, along with a couple of other natural ingredients within it, in order to give you the best in experiences that you can potentially get.

While they don’t offer the variety that the other two companies do, they offer some high-quality ejuice that you can try with your favorite vape to see if it’s good for you.

They also offer tinctures too if you're someone who likes to use that as a means to get your CBD.

The way to use it is very simple, and they tell you on their website how to use all of their CBD products.


Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice Flavor

They currently only offer four flavors: Lava Flow, Really Berry, Hawaiian POG, and their newest flavor: amazing mango.

All of their products have in-depth descriptions of the flavors so you can learn what each of them has to offer.


Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice Conclusion

Their CBD liquids are high-quality, and they offer a high-quality CBD isolate in their vape products.

While they are limited in product types, that doesn’t mean their bad, and many like the taste of their vape eliquids.

They also are versatile and go well in most vape systems and setups, and they work with all kinds of atomizers as well.

Their vape liquids are high quality and offer a variety of flavor to them.

They taste natural, and not too strong like other vape juice flavors.

They also have a nice, subtle aftertaste that isn’t too rich and offers a nice addition to the vape juice.

It is made with the best organic ingredients out there. It doesn’t include additives, any chemicals which might harm a person, nor anything which might affect the experience.

A lot of people like this eliquid because it is 100% natural.

The bottles are about 30 ml, and they offer a variety of strengths. It’s the perfect size to try this out and to see what you think.

You can use these liquids on their own, or you can get bold and daring to mix them in your device.

The one downside to this company is, of course, the lack of products.

They don’t offer gummies or other edibles and focus mainly on vapes and tinctures, which are good setups to offer a high-quality CBD experience, but they also only offer four flavors, which makes them a little limited.


CBDfx CBD Vape Juice

cbd vape juice

This is another longtime company, originating back in 2014, and they have over 10,000 different reviews on their CBD products.

They offer a variety of different vape juice, from 250 mg all the way up to up to 1000 mg, so you get a variety of benefits directly from this product as well.

A lot of people like this vape juice because it is made with a CBD isolate, and it’s made with some naturally-grown hemp directly on their farms too, and they have proven lab results that you can look at as well.

They offer six main flavors, but there are also additives and other options on their site too in order to give you a high-quality vaping experience.

All of their products are used like normal vape juice.

You simply open up the device, put the CBD ejuice directly into it, close it, and then breathe in, tasting the lovely vape juice and the flavor.

The flavor of this CBD liquid is bold and offers a refreshing experience.

The CBD is natural, and the products are made with natural ingredients at the forefront.

They can be mixed with the vape additives which offer more CBD to the product as well.

It’s a high-quality vape product.

While the vape juice isn’t full-spectrum CBD like some of their other products, it has a smooth, refreshing taste to it which many people love.

The CBD isn’t something you automatically taste in the product either, which means you’re tasting the flavor of the juice rather than the CBD.

It is refreshing and is wonderful, and for the highest concentration, it’s a relatively reasonable price.

CBDfx Vape Juice Flavor

Currently, they offer Blue Raspberry, Fruity Cereal, Rainbow Candy, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Milk, Wild Watermelon, and also some terpenes flavors too.

They also offer additives which are different from some of the other CBD ejuices on our list, which means you can mix it into your favorite juice, and from there create a more potent CBD flavor


CBDfx Vape Juice Conclusion

This company has earned a reputation over the years as being a strong and really formidable company, offering a lot of products to their customers.

Their products are natural, made with a CBD isolate, and they taste good too.

Many people report they love the taste of their CBD vape juice flavors since they offer a natural and really immersive vaping experience that you’ll love.

The one downside to this product is the limit on the flavors. Currently, they only offer six major flavors to try out.

But, they do have a perk of offering additives to make the CBD stronger, and also terpenes flavors too, so if you want the CBD with that included, they have other flavors for you to try.

It’s very easy to use these e juice flavors, and they come in small bottles.

You can get a concentration of up to 1000 mg, but if you want to make it even stronger, they offer additives that go all the way up to 500 mg.

If you need a device as well, they sell those directly through the company, and along with that, you also can get a variety pack to see which type of CBD ejuice works for you.

There is a lot to choose from, and with a pedigree which proves they know what they’re doing and can offer a high-quality CBD experience, you’ll definitely love the way this tastes, and you won’t be able to get enough of this remarkable, succulent flavor.


Air Factory CBD Vape Juice 

air factory cbd

At last but not least Air Factory CBD vape juice. This is another company that’s dedicated to giving you the highest quality CBD experience, and it offers an an-in-depth explanation of the CBD extraction process directly on their site.

Their products contain no THC, and they are very easy to use.

They are the perfect vape juice not just for those looking to begin vaping, but for those looking to try new and interesting flavors.

There are a lot of options in terms of flavors to choose from, and they also offer plenty of sales for those looking to try their products and save a little bit of money.

They have plenty of customer reviews directly on their site, and they offer a top tier extraction process for their products, which means that you’re getting pure CBD without any chemicals or additives, and you can taste the difference when you use this.

They do have a variety of different flavors directly within their products, which means that you won’t get bored ordering the same product over and over again.

Their high-quality flavors will keep you wanting to try them again and again.

They offer mostly broad-spectrum CBD products, so if you’re looking for more full-spectrum options it may not be ideal for you.

But, with a variety of different products and some amazing, mouth-watering flavors, you’ll realize that Air Factory is ready to deliver the best in CBD vape juice.

With this CBD ejuice, you get a high-quality experience that not only delivers exactly what it promises, but you’ll also get premier ejuice that includes a high-quality CBD concentrate that isn’t muddled with anything else.

If you want quality, then you’ll get this with the Air Factory CBD product, and you’ll love this e juice the moment you try it.


Air Factory CBD Vape Juice Flavors

Currently, they offer four flavors: Berry rush, Blue razz, Melon lush, and a Mystery flavor.

So far, nobody’s been able to figure out what the mystery flavor is, but the flavor is so good, you’ll keep coming back for more.


Air Factory CBD Vape Juice Conclusion 

Air Factory is another high-quality CBD company that offers easy-to-use options for their vape products.

They only offer broad-spectrum options at this time, but they are natural, have many health benefits, and are great for those who love CBD.

Currently, they are limited in flavors as well, especially when compared to other companies.

But they do offer a simple and effective means to give you the CBD that you like.

They also only offer two strengths, 250 and 500 mg.

For those who like more potent CBD options, you might not be impressed with this company, unfortunately, but for newbies looking to try CBD and those who don’t need something incredibly strong, this is a good option.

Many enjoy this company because of the mystery flavor.

It’s bold, it’s different, and it tastes really good. All of their products work in the same way other vape products work.

You simply put the liquid in, and your CBD vape.

There are no specific atomizer or other setup options, you just vape and try it out!

In terms of price, they are a little bit on the higher end for the amount you get, but it does taste pretty good and it is a high-quality company you can enjoy.

They pride themselves with being a CBD ejuice company you can trust, and if you like their products and want to try something slightly different, you can always try some of their high-quality tinctures to get the effects of CBD as well.


CBD Vape Juice Conclusion

All of these vape ejuice options are great, but the two that stand out the most are, of course, Koi Naturals and Hemp Bombs.

While some like CBDFX do offer more options such as the additives, and Air Factory offers that wonderful mystery flavor, the best CBD vape juice has got to be one of those two options.

If you’re looking for variety, then Hemp Bombs is your best option.

There are 15 flavors in total, and all of them taste wonderful.

What’s there to dislike? If you’re looking for the best CBD vape juice in terms of concentration, then Koi Naturals is the way to go.

It also is one of the best in terms of price too, since you can get a high concentration of the CBD oil for a good price.

Both Koi Naturals and Hemp Bombs also give you the option for a variety of different concentration levels and options, something the other companies fall short of to a degree.

While most companies only offer 5-6 flavors, both Koi Naturals and Hemp Bombs blow those two out of the park.

And not only that, you can try the variety packs for those too.

That means, if you’re unsure of whether or not you’d like the flavor, you can try it and see if you like it too.

Both of these companies also offer all of the extra things you need for the ultimate CBD experience, so you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to find a vape system that’s usable.

Koi Naturals also offers the pods too, to make it easier.

These two companies are the best on the list, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the options that are listed here as well.

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