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Best Disposable Vapes of Today

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In this article, we will cover the best disposable vape devices of 2020. No doubt, 2020 has been quite a year for the world,  Ejuicesteals.com will remain open and continue to supply all your vaping needs.

As laws change the development and a new type of devices surged, this article is for those who have yet to transition to a disposable vape device or for those looking for new options.

Every vaping enthusiast is surely interested in using disposable vapes and for good cause. 

People also call them vape pens or ecigs.

Lets set our focus on describing disposable vape bars, the best brands to buy in 2020, and an in-depth review of the top brands on the market. 


How to Buy The Best Disposable Vape?

So make sure to read through the whole article because more information leads to a better purchase decision.

We will now briefly discuss the merits of disposable vape sticks over a refillable device. 

Buying a reusable pre-filled vape means you don't have to constantly buy or charge the batteries to power the device.

It goes without saying that more components mean more maintenance and parts that could fail. 

The disposable vape devices we will cover are draw-activated, which means it will start its life cycle on the first draw. 

The fact that a person can easily purchase a ready-to-use vape is surely a catalyst to its growing success. 

It is easy to use since it is basically an instant vape source that is used on the go.

A disposable vape can be bought and stored for whenever you have a nicotine urge, a few customers have shared with us that they use them as a back up on the event something goes wrong with their main device or they run out of vape juice.

Remember to always keep a disposable vape out of the reach of children. 

As a result of this, more companies have been established with the sole aim being to produce the best disposable vape the world will come to know. 

In this post, we go over the best brands that have managed to create the top disposable vape devices and best-vaping experience. 

It is worth mentioning that Bang disposable vape did not make it to this review as we are looking into 5% disposable vapes and Bang vape has 6% making it the strongest disposable vape in the market. If you would like to know more about Bang vape let us know in the comment section. 


Puff Bar Review


Puff Bar ReviewFirst on the list is the Puff Bar Disposable vape developed also be the giant firm, Puff Salt. 

This is a highly portable vaping device designed with precision to attain perfection. 


Puff Bar Flavors

  • Cool Mint Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Tobacco
  • OMG (Orange Mango Grapefruit)
  • Lychee Ice
  • Lush Ice
  • Blueberry
  • Blue Raz
  • Grape
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Peach
  • Peach Ice
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pineapple Lemonade
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Banana Ice
  • Café Latte
  • Grape
  • Pomegranate

After purchasing, it can be used then disposed of without any traces being left. 

This is a very important factor for many reasons. 

One of these being that it is possible to be on an outing and would like to vape before arriving at your destination. 

You are on the way to an interview and decide to vape a bit get your mind in check and be on you’re A-Game. 

Also, Puff bar disposable vape comes with a standard 280 mAh non-rechargeable battery. 

This gives more than enough time to reach the peak effects when vaping.

This vape allows approximately over 200 puffs which are the equivalent of 2 packs. 

It comes with a 1.3mL cartridge filled with a vape juice that has a salt strength of 2% or 5%. 

The ejuice is enough to function as expected and the salt strength to purchase really depends on you and what effects you want. 

All of these features combine to deliver an efficient machine that works to deliver that top of the world feeling. 


Puff Bar Features

  • 1.3mL cartridge capacity        
  • 280mAh battery capacity        
  • Wide range of flavors         
  • Puff-activation        
  • Not messy refills       
  • Eliquid with 2% or 5% salt strength        
  • 200+ puffs in every pod        
  • Compact, portable, light  

 Puff Bar has also has launched Puff Bar Plus which offers over 800 puffs. 


EZZY Air Disposable Vape Review


EZZY Air is a pre-filled disposable vape device that has a wide level of acceptability.

It is ideal for use whenever you have a nicotine urge.

Individuals who are determined to quit smoking are faced with lots of situations that could trigger their craving to have a stick of cigarette.

This gets really bad at times that it affects their everyday life and their productivity at work.

Ezzy Air disposable vapes require no maintenance or refilling; once used, you have to dispose of it as the name implies.

Here is a more comprehensive review of it.


EZZY Air Disposable Vape Features

Every Air Stick comes with a pre-filled 5% (50mg) of Ejuice that is enough to get users covered for the whole day.

It is compact, light, and portable enough, making it the perfect device for those who are always on the go and don't like carrying a lot of stuff for their vaping devices.

Salt nice liquids make sure that the users of Ezzy air disposable vape have a premium experience while consuming the product.

The Ezzy Air Disposable Device was engineered with a pre-filled 2.7ml salt eliquid. The high nicotine content plays a huge role in suppressing the urge to smoke cigarettes for individuals trying to break the habit of smoking.

However, they function best in kits with low wattage.

It is easily disposable once it is exhausted.

This enables the user to enjoy a flavorful vape with zero maintenance needed. All you need do is use and dispose of.

You get up to 500 puffs from the usage of one Ezzy Air disposable vape.

This is enough to get you going the whole day except you are just going to be vaping all day and doing nothing else.

It comes with an internal battery with a capability of up to 500mAh.

This is more than enough to power the product for 24 hours.

The Ezzy Air disposable vape comes with a wide range of flavor for your selection.

    EZZY Air Vape Portability

    One key factor when it comes to enjoying a disposable pod device is portability. How well designed is the product.

    Is it designed to conveniently fit into your bag pack or perhaps, your pocket? How heavy is it? Taking a look at the Ezzy air disposable vape, it is not doing badly in this regard.

    It is mainly easy to carry about without the carrier feeling bugged or burdened.

    This is a big plus that has helped them win the hearts of consumers; making it their favorite choice of vape brand.


    EZZY Air Disposable Vape Flavor

    Like they always say; variety is the spice of life.

    This saying has proved to be true in the case of vaping products.

    One of the most exciting things about vaping is that besides giving us a nice hit of nicotine without having to deal with the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, it can come in different flavors.

    The Ezzy air disposable vape comes in a wide variety of flavors, giving consumers so many options from which to choose.


    How good is the Ezzy air disposable vape

    While we have seen the major properties of the Ezzy air disposable vape, it's time we consider how good it is, based on the general expectation of consumers from vape products in terms of portability and flavor rating.



      Puff Glow Bar Review


      Puff Glow Review

      The Puff Glow disposable vape produced by a remarkable company called Puff Salt. 

      The Puff Bar gained momentum quickly bu using high-quality salts and good tasting flavors. 

      Puff bar disposable vape devices come in five distinct flavors.


      Puff Glow Bar Flavors

      Strawberry Donut

      This is the result of sweet donuts topped with strawberries in flavor form. A dessert delight.        

      Mango Apple Pear

      The taste of tropical mangoes, juicy pears, and superb apples that combine perfectly.        

      Frozen Banana

      Captures the delicious flavor in a vape device.        

      Mint ‘n’ Chip

      Vape flavor of mint blended with dark chocolate chips.        

      Peach Ice

      Quick chills from peach flavor enhanced with menthol.  


      The Puff Glow disposable device is the latest release from Puff Salt and is a result of the data gotten from their previous products. 

      They made changes to previous products which are also brilliant by the way but had room for improvement. 

      This disposable vape is a blessing not in disguise to “vapers” around the world. 

      The vape is activated on the first draw and has an LED light that lights up with each draw, which indicates the vape battery life.

      This oval-shaped device was designed for everyone that needs a discrete and easy to carry vape device.

       Puff Glow comes with a 280mAh battery offering over 300 puffs. 

      It also comes with a salt-based eliquid having 50mg Nicotine that is, 5% of the liquid. 


      Puff Glow Bar Features        

      • Easy-to-dispose system
      • 280mAh non-rechargeable battery        
      • 300+ puffs        
      • Flavors Variety       
      • Not messy refills         
      • Instant use with puff-activation        
      • RGB LED light as an indicator        
      • 1.4mL cartridge capacity   



      Ezzy Oval Vape Review


      Ezzy Oval Review

      Another important brand that is surely worth considering is the Ezzy Oval disposable device from Ezzy. 

      It is in close competition with the others listed above and considered the best by many. 

      This brand has a lot of recognition in the vape world and for good reason – It delivers a perfectly even draw. 

      The Ezzy Oval disposable vape device is designed by those who understand that vaping is an important aspect of the lives of many people. 

      For this reason, they set out to join the market and deliver brilliant products to the world. 

      There is a high chance that you would stick to this brand after the first puff.

      It is available in a number of stores with delivery available for many countries across the globe.  

      This vape is packed with at least 300 puffs generated within a pod with 1.3ml capacity. 

      It comes pre-filled with a vape juice that has 50mg of nicotine, which is about 5% of the juice. 

      All of these powered by a powerful 280mAh battery.

      Like most disposable vaping devices, the compact Ezzy Oval vape comes in many flavor options to choose from. 

      Every Oval vape flavor was carefully engineered.


      Ezzy Oval Vape Flavors

      With these many options, you are sure to find at least two flavors that sync perfectly with your “zen” and flavor preferences. 

      Puff bar disposable vape is a top-selling brand mainly because people who understand the art of vape respect every detail, from the draw, nicotine intake to the after taste.  

      The level of which is hardly ever seen and for this reason, it is a perfect portable machine for anyone and everyone with an interest in vaping. 


      Ezzy Oval Features

      • Delicious flavors        
      • 280mAh battery capacity         
      • 300 puffs per pod*        
      • Zero uncontrolled airflow
      • Draw-activation        
      • 1.3ml Cartridge
      • Standard 50mg of Nicotine (5%)  

       Ezzy Super Disposable Vape Review


      The EZZY Super disposable vape is one ecigarette product with lots of features to offer consumers.

      It is considered to be an ideal choice if you're looking for a longer-lasting disposable vape.

      Just in case you are looking out for how long this vape product lasts. It largely depends on the individual taking it.

      However, one effective yardstick to judging this parameter is the number of puffs a vape product has to offer.

      The EZZY Super disposable is said to be a step among other products in this category as it is capable of supplying approximately 800 puff all through its usage.

      That being said, here is an outline detail of its features.


      Ezzy Super Disposable Vape Flavors

      It comes in an assortment of different delicious flavors to choose from.

      • Icy cola
      • Orange soda
      • Mamba
      • Guava ice
      • Lemon mint
      • Lemonade
      • pineapple twist

      You get to see consumers request for flavors that tally with their favorite fruits when purchasing the EZZY Super disposable.

      The innovation around disposable vapes is quite amazing.

      Every day, you get to see more and more new and exciting flavors finding their way to the market.

      Whether you're a flavor purist who sticks to simple options or you are the type that likes to explore in this regard, there is more than enough for you with the Ezzy supper disposable vape.

      A number of available flavors have been mentioned earlier.

      Yet, there are more in the market, and even more, are being produced and getting ready to hit sales platforms.


      Ezzy Super Features

      It is equipped with 3.2 mL ejuice per device. This is enough to get individuals settled in their resolve not to return to cigarette smoking.

      People who want to quit smoking make the EZZY Super disposable their choice because of this and several other related highpoints.

      It is manufactured with salt nicotine.

      This is a good substitute for eliquids as they cause consumers to vape less.

      Nicotine salts are known to provide a smoother experience for consumers; helping them get a better feel of whatever flavor of EZZY Super disposable vape they must have chosen.


      Ezzy Vape Low Maintenance

      One of the biggest advantages of using the Ezzy supper disposable vape is its low-maintenance build.

      Ideally, you want a device that comes pre-charged and doesn't require additional charging as long as possible.

      With 5000maH charge, you can be sure to have more than enough charge to get through a period of 24 hours.


      How good is the EZZY Super Disposable vape?

      With the comprehensive consideration of the features of the EZZY Super disposable, let us see how effective this product is based on a couple of important parameters.


      Hype Bar Vape Review


      Hype Disposable Bar Review

      The Hype Bar disposable vape is as hyper as they come and is worth all the Hype that it gets. 

      It is yet another powerful disposable vape, it is extremely easy-to-use, compact, and portable, ultimately improving your vaping experience. 

      This disposable vape comes fully fitted with standard components.

      That is a state-of-the-art 280mAh battery that lasts as long as batteries that are this relatively big should last. 

      Also, buying this means you are treating yourself to 1.3ml of vape juice.

      Citizens of the “vape world” know that this seemingly small amount is more than enough to achieve desired effects. 

      Each pod comes fully functional and its one-time use usually results in customers returning to buy a lot more units.  

      Hype Bar comes in many delicious flavors that will give you a constant taste thru out the bar lifetime. 

      Affordability is also one factor that this disposable vape has got going for.

      Each bar comes with a vape juice that contains 5% nicotine and as said earlier, it is more than enough.

      Basically, this vape device can be considered as a companion in your wallet to give the boost when needed. 

      For anyone with this pattern in mind, rest assured that it will deliver as expected. 

      Hype bar disposable vape sales have been accelerating, making one of the top sellers not only for the brand but also for its category.


      Hype Bar Features        

      • Compact, Portable
      • LED Battery Life Indicator         
      • Long-lasting 280mAh battery        
      • 1.3ml cartridge capacity        
      • Ready-to-use  



        Twst Disposable Vape Review


        Twst Disposable Review

        We now shift our focus to the disposable vape with an interesting name.

        This brand is just as impressive as other names on this list.

        Like everything, it is left to you and personal preferences to decide which vape feels perfectly tailored to your vaping needs. 

        In making this decision though, it is advisable to have the Twst disposable vape as a worthy contender. 

        It is a compact portable machine comfortable on the hands and desirable to the mind. 

        The Twst bar vape is no different it delivers just what is needed to be a gladiator for the crown of the best disposable vape brands out there. 

        This brand is definitely worth a try and is a lot more likely to win you over than not.  

        Twst bar comes in a sleek design that is easy to use featuring an uncontrolled airflow.

        Sometimes, it is better not to overthink things and keep it simple.

        This factor is what the company considered while developing the incredible Twst vape. 

        Moving on to its specifications, the 3-inch long twst comes fitted with a 1ml-capacity cartridge filled with twst original nicotine vape juice. 


        Twst Bar flavors

        Iced Pink Punch, Iced Madness, Iced Fruit Punch, and the Pink Punch Lemonade.  

        Twst bar contains vape juice that has 5% nicotine strength which is a very good value when compared to other brands in the industry. 

        For lasting effects, its juice gives room for about 200 to 300 puffs depending on the extent of your inhale. 

        Twst disposable vape pen comes with a reliable 240mAh battery to power all components.

        With a device as good as this, there is not much that anyone could ask for.


        Twst Features

        • 1ml cartridge capacity        
        • No messy refills         
        • Instant draw activation        
        • Powerful nicotine juice        
        • Long-lasting 240mAh battery        
        • Compact, Portable, and Lightweight  


        Swtch Bar Vape Review


        Twst Disposable Review

        This list would not be complete without the DripMore Swtch Disposable vape pen. 

        It was designed and produced by DripMore, a company with years of experience in this industry. 

        They have made products that helped shaped the vape industry. 

        Among their innovative list of products the one that was quickly raised to the top is the Swtch Disposable vape.

        DripMore is also the maker of one the best selling eliquids of all time, the Candy King. 

        Without an ounce of doubt, DripMore will introduce more incredible products as the years go by. 

        This Swtch stick disposable pen has similar features to the products listed above. 

        It is worth noting that the products listed above are the best of the best. 

        For this reason, the Switch disposable vape pen should be regarded as a big name and should not just be sidelined as “another one with the same specs”.  

        Each pod is an equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes, only much healthier. Its battery power is 280mAh and it powers the vaporization of 1.3ml of nicotine vape juice.

        It also offers approximately 300 puffs per pod, which is more than sufficient. It has a 50mg nicotine dose level, which is 5%. 

        This instantly-activated vape brand allows you to choose from a number of flavors with ease because they are all so great. 


        Swtch Disposable Vape Rich Flavors

        •  Blue Razz

        DripMore found a way to transform the blue raspberry flavor into a nicotine juice that tastes just the same.        


        • Peach Ice

        This flavor is basically ice combined with super sweet peaches with a hint of menthol in a disposable pod.        


        • Berry

        Succulent berries can now be gassed up and tasted just the same way in an ecig.        


        • Grape

        For the grape lovers, you are covered. There is juice just for you.      


        • Grapefruit Guava

        DripMore goes the extra mile for grape lovers, making this incredible blend.


        • Pink Lemonade

        The flavor with a perfect balance of sweet and tart.        


        • Watermelon Ice

        Juicy watermelon flavor with a rich menthol after taste.  


        • Strawberry Lemonade

        Lemonade mixed with strawberries.


        • Strawberry Banana

        For the sweet tooth, here is a super sweet flavor for you.  


        • Mango

        The mango flavor is known by all and loved by those who know it.        


        • Cucumber Lime

        Not a common concoction but tastes perfect together.        


        • Mint

        The traditional mint flavor can now be vaped.  


        • Green Apple

        The traditional apple flavor can also be vaped.   


        • Melons

        A delicious blend of melons in one pod.  


        • POG

        A blend of Passion fruit, Oranges, and Guava.  


        Swtch Features

        • 280mAh battery        
        • Super lightweight        
        • 50mg nicotine strength        
        • Wide range of flavors        
        • 300 puffs per pod*         
        • 1.3ml capacity        
        • Instant draw activation  


          Wave Bar Review


          Wave Bar Disposable Device better than any device or flavor you tried before Disposable pod device.

          Wave Bar it's making a lot of noise in the vape world – It delivers a perfectly even draw every single use.


          Wave Bar Flavors


          This disposable vape device is designed by vapers for vapers, and we believe that is why this product is so smooth while giving you the perfect throat hit.

          Each pod is an equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes,  Its battery power is 280mAh and it powers the vaporization of 1.3ml of nicotine vape juice.


          Wave Bars Features

          • 1.3mL cartridge capacity        
          • 280mAh battery capacity        
          • Wide range of flavors         
          • Puff-activation        
          • Eliquid with 2% or 5% salt strength        
          • 200+ puffs in every pod        
          • Compact, portable, light   



            Best Disposable Vape Conclusion

            Disposable vapes are the response to every problem faced with traditional cigarettes, mod box or any other bulky devices. 

            They bring ease into vaping and make it possible to be a frequent and discrete activity. 

            The brands listed above have proved to be trusted and providing high-quality products. 

            They come in different flavors to make sure that their users do not have to leave their comfort zone or sacrifice the tastes they are accustomed to. 

            Disposable devices are portable and discrete that fit perfectly in pockets, wallets, between the lips and they pack a serious punch. 

            Those who have used any of the disposable vape pens above know the advantage of having a portable and discrete vaping device.

             Disposable vape devices completely wipe out the task of charging, refilling, and maintaining your mods. 

            Clearly, the disposables devices solve a lot of issues faced by people who use need a small and discrete device to satisfy your vaping needs.


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