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Air Factory Review

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Over the years, Air Factory vape juice has not only earned the trust of vapers, but they have also maintained it and this is because they continue to deliver satisfying and high-quality ejuice and nic salts.

The main appeal is in the wide selection of delicious flavors.

At first, the brand only stuck to candy flavors, they provided vapers with various choices of mouth-watering products.

But in recent times, they have diversified and now include treats such as delectable cookies and creamy custards that are lip-smacking.

What is most glaring about Air Factory is that they are big on quality.

Since inception, they have consistently used the best ingredients to create delicious flavors, just recently, they began dabbling into nicotine salts and that has been a huge success.

Vapers are thankful that they are now able to buy the brand’s iconic flavors while also getting their salt nicotine satisfaction.

As Air Factory vape juice continues to improve, expand, and dominate the ejuice industry, we expect a larger flavors selection from Air Factory ejuice.

But in the meantime, we are conducting the Air Factory Review.

Come along as we dig deeper and discover all there is about Air Factory, shall we?


The Best Air Factory Flavors

Air Factory Flavor  Review

Air Factory has a wide range of products to its name as earlier stated; this ranges from nicotine salts, delectable cookies to lip-smacking custards, and so on.

In this session, we will take a critical look at each of these products with a bid to understand them more. 


Air Factory Melon Lush Vape Juice Review

Air Factory Melon Lush Vape Juice

We begin with Air Factory Melon Lush Review.

Melon Lush is a flavor extravaganza that’s ideal for summer vaping.

This delicious treat consist of all the favorite and juicy melons, these melons are gotten and then converted into lip-smacking sugary candy just for your vapor pleasure.

Each puff of Melon Lush vape juice is soothing; it leaves you with an invigorating fruity taste before it slams your sweet tooth with just the right flavor you have been yearning for all day long.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about cavities.

As you draw in the vapors, you get a cool honeydew taste; this cushions your mood but is also pleasing to your palate.

The juice is succulent and crispy; it is delicious and slightly creamy.

You get to taste the sweet rush of watermelon; this lifts even the dampest of spirits as it sweetens your mouth with the right amount of sugar.

And then when you finally exhale, it’s a glorious candy taste that gushes out, leaving you giddy with excitement.


Melon Lush Ice Vape Juice Review

Air Factory Frost - Melon Lush Ice Ejuice

Asides the Melon Lush, there’s also the Melon Lush Ice.

This product gives you a wonderful candy flavor, its blasts with pure ice thereby exhilarating each of your taste buds.

It contains fresh Honeydew, menthol, and watermelon all blended with sugar to give magnificent sticky candy.

This delicious vape has what it takes to cool you down and relieve your taste buds even when the sun is at its peak while also making your sweet tooth dance in excitement.

As you inhale, you will perceive the honeydew taste, it’s clean, crisp, and delicious and as the flavor settles on your palate, you feel the watermelon along with the sweetness that comes with it.

And just when you think you can’t have anymore, the sugary notes become dominant.

As you exhale, the chill of the menthol cools your mouth and throat.


Air Factory Strawberry Kiwi Vape Juice Review

Air Factory - Strawberry Kiwi Ejuice Review

The product has two varieties of Strawberries, there’s the Strawberry Crush and then the Strawberry Kiwi e-juice.

Strawberries and kiwis are like the jelly and peanut butter of the world, they make the world tasteful, rich, and worth living for.

Air factory in its brilliance can take this iconic duo that's so succulent, juicy, refreshing, and smooth and can make it into something even better that will always have you coming back for more.

Air Factory Strawberry Kiwi is ideal for hot summer days, when nothing else can quench your taste, strawberry kiwi will come through.

As you inhale this delicious ejuice, you get hit with the tang and tartness of kiwi as well as strawberry juices, and then as you exhale, the level of sweetness becomes more intensified.

Strawberry Crush, on the other hand, is a fusion of strawberry and buttery pastry dough to give the perfect amount of vanilla icing.

It is rich and refreshing and is ideal for those looking for something more decadent. Each time you inhale, the flavors give a burst of fresh and fruit flavors.

It is tangy and sweet and the strawberries are red, ripe and sweet.

And as you exhale, the dough along with the icing satisfies your taste buds.


Air Factory Mistery Ejuice Review

Air Factory - Mystery Ejuice Review

Air Factory ejuice Review is also an aspect we will be looking at.

The Mistery ejuice is an extraordinary yummy and delicious candy that’s infused with lots of fresh, fruity flavors.

The best and most intriguing part of the product is that you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly is used in producing it as it passes through your taste buds.

It’s a symphony of fruity leaves that will leave you intrigued.

And since it has a taffy flavor, you can expect that it will give a stunning amount of sweetness which will leave you so satisfied with every puff.

You get to inhale a burst of tropical fruits that are naturally enigmatic.

The tangy notes swirl around your tongue just as your mouth fills with saliva.

And then there's an invasion of a burst of tartness while the source remains a mystery.

And even when you know what these flavors are, you are still delighted with them every single time you have a taste.

When you exhale, the sugar takes control, enabling your sweet tooth to have the pleasure it craves.

It's so delicious and fruity, it will have you dancing in happiness and bliss.


Air Factory Blue Razz Vape juice Review

Air Factory - Blue Razz Ejuice

This is another of Air Factory products that we find intriguing.

If there’s anything you want of a sour and sugary blue raspberry candy, this product gives it to you a 100 fold.

Blue Razz vape juice is going to make you salivate, all thanks to the tartness which takes over your tongue.

It’s not all candy as beneath is an exquisitely fresh and ripe berry that’s so juicy, it feels like fresh fruit nectar is dripping down your chin.

Inhaling the luscious candy flavor, you feel the taste of berry which shocks your taste buds in a pleasurable way.

And as the sourness begins to fade, the refreshing taste of berry begins to take over and shine forth.

And just as you exhale, you feel the intensity of the sugary candy as it coats your tongue and leaves you breathless with its awesomeness.


Blue Razz Ice Ejuice Review
ir Factory Frost - Blue Razz Ice Ejuice

Let’s not forget the Bleu Razz Ice while reviewing other amazing products from Air Factory.

This product comes with a menthol twist.

If you are one of those who loved to suck on the sweet and sour taste of candy back in the days, you will surely love this reformed and improved rendition that’s sure to take your taste bud to the next level.

There’s just something about the blast of ice on your tongue that intensifies the sourness and sweetness of the product.

It is fresh, all thanks to the fresh and fruity flavor that tantalizes the taste buds.

On inhaling the ejuice, its powerful sourness will blow your mind away as it makes your tongue salivate like never before.

And when the sourness finally erodes, the sweetness of the candy takes its place, making your sweet tooth happy and satiated. When you exhale, oh, the freshness of the menthol becomes dominant.


Air Factory Wild Apple Ejuice Review

Air Factory - Wild Apple Ejuice

Green apples are crispy and tart and they satisfy the taste buds as nothing else can.

Air Factory Wild Apple extracts the fresh juice from green apples and turns it into a succulent vape juice that will have you craving for more.

When you are feeling tasty, each puff will soothe your taste buds and thrill your palate and when you inhale, the sourness will have you drooling.

Then there are the crisp notes which tingle each of your taste buds.

And on exhaling, its natural sweetness takes over giving you a complete feeling of euphoria.


Air Factory Berry Rush Ejuice Review

Air Factory - Berry Rush Ejuice

When you collect the ripest berries from the orchard on a hot summer day and mix them all, the result you get is a Berry Rush vape juice.

The vape has the right blend of tartness, sweetness, and tang.

With each puff, it feels like popping a handful of juicy berries right into your mouth. It should be taken everyday especially during hot summer days as it has a revitalizing fruity taste.

On inhaling, the tangy taste of the freshly plugged strawberries gives you an instant feeling of ease.

And as you go along, the strawberries become even sweeter just as waves of tart blueberry juice runs down your throat.

When you exhale its heavenly, it leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction and relief.


Air Factory Treat Kookie Krunch Ejuice Review

Air Factory Treat - Kookie Krunch Ejuice

Ever had a taste of a vaper that’s made of baked sugar fresh from the oven? If you discover that you crave for the comfort of a homemade treat, and then grab a bottle of Kookie Krunch.

Just by perceiving the aroma of the clouds, you will drool as you’ve never drooled before and as you draw some of the vapor into your mouth; you get hit with a buttery taste straight away.

As soon as the vapor sweeps across your mouth, you get to feel a hint of vanilla which adds depth while your mouth gets to water just with the sprinkle of salt.

When it’s time to exhale, you are hit with a shameless dose of sugar which adds so much sweetness to the taste buds that you will literally be squealing with joy.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for a glass of milk when you are done vaping, it’s what Kookie Krunch will do to you.


Air Factory Treat Jaw Dropper Vape Juice

Air Factory Treat - Jaw Dropper Ejuice

The name alone says it all. If you want to such on a fruity sweet taste and yet you don’t want to ruin your dental health, then Jaw Dropper is the vape juice for you.

The product is a fusion of mouth-watering hard candy filled with fresh watermelon flavor.

It’s a wonderful way to keep your sweet placated while also indulging in the delectable taste of ideally ripe summer melon.

With each hit, you are dazzled in a way that can only be gotten from a fresh candy.

At first, you will get a crispy and smooth watermelon taste that refreshes your taste buds and eases your mind.

The flavor is capable of quenching even the strongest taste just before the candy is called in to take over.

On exhaling, there’s an intense sweetness you feel, this sweetness will leave you with a giddy sensation.


Air Factory Treat Lemon Glaze Vape Juice

Air Factory Treat - Lemon Glaze Ejuice

There’s nothing more than freshly made pound cake to placate your dessert needs. The product will remind you of your grandma’s baking.

And if all these are not enough, there’s the fact that it’s infused with Zesty, tart Lemon Glaze and then topped up with creamy and smooth vanilla icing.

Just bear in mind that your teeth will be screeching whenever you have a puff of this incredible treat.

On an inhalation, you feel a burst of lemon that makes your taste buds weep in joy.

They’re a rich pound cake flavor that rolls around your tongue, giving you the feeling that you are eating something fresh out of the oven (and perhaps you are).

And then on exhalation, the vanilla icing drips all over your tongue with its creamy as well as sugary taste.


Air Factory Mint Salts Review

Air Factory Salts - Mint

In this session, we will be considering the Air Factory Salts Review.

This is also called Mint-Limited Edition Salt and it's ideal for vapers who crave the kick of frostiness whenever they hit their mod.

The gloriously chilly ejuice combines the power of menthol with that of nicotine salts.

The Air Factory Mint salts are an exciting blend of pure ice and peppermint leaves to give you that burst of freshness, coolness, and menthol feeling.

Just like a gust of wind, the magnificent clouds just run through your mouth, chilling everything in its path.

On inhalation of the intense flavor, there's a feeling of freshness that comes with the mint leaves just as the clouds settle on your tongue.

Then there's a hint of sweetness that excites the tongue while giving a balance the cool and mellow taste of the mint.

Then on exhalation, the feeling of the menthol spreads across your palate, cooling your throat in the process and making your taste bud shiver.


Air Factory Salts Mango Review

Air Factory Salts - Mango Ejuice

How about you start your morning with the lip-smacking mango salts that are crafted with love and lots of care? Blissful isn’t it? If you haven’t tried it then you totally should as we guarantee you will love it.

The product is a perfect blend of mango along with nicotine salt.

This Mango salt is sure to leave you without cravings, it enables you to experience enjoyment and pleasure.

As a part of your vape journey, you won’t be able to skip the prolonged sweet taste of mango as it touches your throat, the aftertaste is even much more wonderful than the real taste.

The sensing of its exotic nuances along the way and even beyond is so rare and unbelievable.

It comes in a 30ml bottle along with an even VG/PG base; this helps you create some fluffy clouds.

Why not kick off an exotic journey with this product right now? I’m sure you will love every moment and every experience.


Air Factory Vape Juice Conclusion

So, there you have it guys. If ever you are looking for a vape juice that's sure to excite your taste buds then look no farther than Air Factory Ejuice.

We hope that with the Air Factory Review, we have not only been able to bring the different amazing products to your notice, it’s also helped help you make choices.

If there are any of the products you haven't tried out, now's the time.

There are also a lot more from where these products come from, so do well to check out the catalog as you are sure to see many more products that will appeal to your taste buds and have you feeling giddy.

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