WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Naked 100 CBD Tincture - Unflavored

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If you’re looking for a CBD tincture but without the needed flavoring, then you’ve come to the right place, the Unflavored tincture from Naked 100 CBD it's amazing!

Some people prefer the unflavored versions of this because they just want the benefits of CBD without the add-ons, which is totally acceptable.

This CBD tincture is incredibly easy to use, and it does have the same high-quality benefits that the other Naked CBD 100 products have, but also has the lack of flavor the other products have.

This is beneficial since many people don’t like flavored tinctures.


Naked 100 CBD Tinctures

While some prefer the flavoring since it helps with masking the CBD flavor, some people prefer the CBD flavor in their tincture,s and that of course, is why the unflavored options are out there.

Now, with the unflavored tinctures, it comes with the same natural CBD that the other Naked 100 products have, and it comes in a strong enough amount that you’ll get the full array of benefits from this right away.

Now, with this tincture, it’s incredibly easy to use. Just open your mouth and use the dropper to deliver it sublingually.

It works fast, and you’ll feel the benefits from this instantly. Best of all, it doesn’t include THC, so it won't’ get you high.

That means you’ll get the best effects of CBD, without the psychedelic effects of THC that some people don’t like.

Whether you're into that or not is ultimately up to you, but the unflavored options give you a chance to get the CBD  without having to rely on various flavorings.


Naked 100 CBD Tincture Effects

Some people take tinctures to get the CBD effects right away, and by putting this under your tongue a few times a day, you can get the fast-acting benefits of CBD in tincture form.

Some people might use these tinctures mixed in other foods or drinks, but for best results, you should use this under your tongue as directed.

There are many different CBD tincture flavors out there, but for some of us, it’s better to just get the unflavored options and thankfully,

Naked 100 CBD understands that some of us like to have it unflavored, so they give us this option when it comes to our CBD flavors and options.

If you’re curious about whether you want to use a CBD tincture or not, this is a good product, to begin with, and see for yourself.

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