WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Naked 100 CBD Tincture - Really Berry

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This product lives up to the name Really Berry CBD tincture by Naked 100 CBD is one of the cleanest CBD tinctures in the market.

If you like a fruity, tropical splash of flavor when you use CBD products, then this is one for you.

Embrace the berry taste, and love the tropical taste that comes with it with this full spectrum CBD tincture product that will give you the full cbd of the Hemp plant.

Once you get a taste of it, you’ll want even more, and the explosion of berry is something that you’ll certainly love from this product and you’ll be clamoring for more!


Naked CBD Tincture Really Berry Flavor

With Really Berry tincture, it involves three flavors: blueberry, blackberry, and a citrus flavor for extra tartness.

This does have a very strong berry flavor, but also has a citrus aftertaste to it too, which certainly adds to it.

The citrus, of course, is not overpowering like with other products on the market.

That means you’re getting a quality CBD product and one that tastes amazing too.

Some people worry about the tastes of tinctures since they wonder if they’ll taste too strong or not.

Luckily, Naked 100 CBD understands that, so their tinctures are the perfect blend of fruity and tasty too, delivering a succulent flavor you won’t get enough of.

The full, bursting flavor is one of the highlights of this product.

You don’t have to worry about the taste being watered down, nor do you have to worry about tasting too much of the CBD when you use this product.


How To Use The Naked CBD Tincture?

Instead, you’re getting the ripe CBD inside, while also getting a yummy berry taste. These products are simple to use.

You simply take the dropper, squeeze it to fill it up, and then put it under your tongue.

One full dropper is equal to one ml of the tincture, which means that it comes with sixty servings.

This product is best used once a day for the ultimate results, and you can take this either right before your first meal, or right before bed for the best results.

But, if you’re looking to achieve full calmness, even having this after dinner is a wonderful option for you.

With this product, you can hold it under your tongue as well for up to half a minute in order to get the full benefits.

You can take this multiple times a day as well if you really like Cbd, and the best part, is that it’s a ripe, natural flavor that you’ll love.


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